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This category is used for any activity where we went on vacation with our kids.

The Old Man and the Sea Blog

Posted by Geoff So the old man wants a blog post from each of us kids.  Judging from my dad’s dedication each day toView full post »

Vivid Virgin Island Visions

Posted by Wes Turn this plane around!  Sure, we I live we have the beaches, sun and I’m on a boat everyday thereView full post »

How ‘Bout One More Week?

Posted by Jenny After nine days of sailing, basking in the strong Caribbean sun and drinking even stronger rum, I’veView full post »

Homeward Bound

This morning Geoff’s alarm went off first with a “quack, quack, quack” (just like my real ducks at home!)View full post »

Debarkation Day

I got up about 6:15 am this morning, grabbed some very dry granola (we are officially out of milk), cleaned up the boatView full post »

A Day for a Deep Dive, Depleted Desirables and a Delightful Dinner

As you can see, like my MacBook battery, my D’s are all charged up again and ready to go to work!  Today started outView full post »

Not So Stormin’ Norman and More Sharks Not Named Colgate!

Today we all were up about 6 am. Last night it was a bit stuffy in the boat so Jenn and Geoff decided to sleep out onView full post »

BVI Catchup Pictures

Hi, I just posted several blog entries.  It seems that the text is coming in too small but it’s too late to doView full post »

Going to the “Dogs” and Points South

Today Geoff was up (again) at 5:45 am taking pictures and then promptly at 6:30 the engines started, the mooring lineView full post »