Debarkation Day

I got up about 6:15 am this morning, grabbed some very dry granola (we are officially out of milk), cleaned up the boat a bit and sat down to write this blog entry.  We cleaned up the boat a bit more and headed back around 7:30 am, figuring we’d drive by Peter Island resort and check it out, maybe go for a swim and then head across the channel to Tortola.

The wind came up as we rounded the point, Wes turned the boat into the wind and Geoff and I worked on raising the main and deploying the roller-furled jib.  Moving along at 7 knots plus we saw another cat that was a bit longer than ours and decided to make a “race” with it.  I started filming the ride back (at Geoff’s request!) and Jenn and I continued to clean up the cabin, including mopping up the Caribbean hot sauce that broke all over the floor…glass bottle and all.  Yuck.

As we reached Road Town harbor we turned into the wind, dropped the main, furled the jib and motored between the marker bouys until we got to the Mooring/Sunsail harbor.  There are still probably 200 boats in the harbor…just think if all those boats had been out in the channel.  It would be like the LA freeways and moorings would be in VERY short supply in the anchorages.  We were very lucky to have such a slow week with reasonably good weather.  We called Sunsail’s base on Channel 12 on the VHF radio, they answered and sent out a captain to assist us getting to the main dock.  Once docked their housekeeping person came out and asked us questions as she filled out a questionnaire, told us how to handle the linens and what condition the boat must be left in and we went into action.  All the Sunsail people were very nice, insightful and even funny.  Geoff especially liked talking to them.  I returned the rented cell phone, iPod jacks, fins, masks/snorkels, got the deposit back at Sunsail and took our three bags of trash to the dumpster while the kids continued the cleanup.

All our bags are now off the boat and we’re ready to get a taxi to go to Lambert Bay Resort.  I’ll add more when we get there.

While the vacation was great and there’s always one part of you that wants to keep it going I have to say that I’m very excited to get home and see Margaret and the puppy as well as the kitty cat!  I should be home tomorrow around 8 pm.

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  • April 18, 2010 - 5:15 am

    Marlene Shirley - Well, I’m glad you are excited to get home, but I am kind of sad that your trip has ended. I truly felt like I was on the trip with you, watching from a distance. Thanks for letting me tag along. So where will your next adventures take you? Life might have the tendency to seem kind of boring after all you have done and seen since January. It’s finally warming up here today. Felt so good to go outside without a coat or jacket and feel warm! Love ya…..MarleneReplyCancel

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