Vivid Virgin Island Visions

Posted by Wes

Turn this plane around!  Sure, we I live we have the beaches, sun and I’m on a boat everyday there somewhere, but there’s something about the Caribbean that makes it all so much better.  After forgetting all but a few faint visions from our trip to the BVI’s ten years ago, our adventures over the last week has been truly unforgettable, despite the attempts of the infamous Pirate Punch.

As we planned our food for the week, Sea Chef Jenny asked us what our most memorable meal was to get some ideas.  After a few minutes of pondering our vast collection of dinners and lunches galore, we came to a conclusion.  Our best meals had very little to do with the food.  Sure if the food was awful the “customers” might get a little grumpy, but it is about the company you are with.  And let me say, if there was ever a place to find company, it is in the islands.  Meal after meal our favorite was replaced by the next one.  The first person we met, though having nothing to do with food, came to be one of the most interesting taxi drivers I have ever met.  When we asked where should go to see the specialties of the islands, he replied saying that if we wanted special we might not find it.  If we want the lights and amazing cities we had come to the wrong place.  Instantly, we all knew that we had in fact come to the right place.

The first three days were jam packed with Jenny and my SCUBA certification classes. Despite the crammed schedule after multiple delays and arriving a few hours late, we were able to get all of our certification done on time, and were ready to explore the underwater world, which we experienced to be quite an amazing place!  On Thursday we went on what I would call a perfect recreational dive – sharks, rays, and sea turtles included.  Diving the islands was definitely spoiling in the world of SCUBA, considering I’m not sure where else you can dive at 50 feet for 40 minutes in nothing but trunks without coming up a popsicle.  Nonetheless I can’t wait to get home and bundle up in wetsuits and continue my diving career!  You might say, in fishing terms, that I’m hooked, although I think I’ll be using a spear gun to catch my fish from now on.

As we sit on the plane, I can’t help but think about how absolutely glorious this week has been, sunburns and belly flops back flips included.  It’s almost hard to believe that we made it through the week and are still sitting together on the ride home.  It has been great getting to spend some time with my brother, sister and dad in one of the most amazing places I can imagine.  All there is to do now is plan how in the world we make it back down here before ten years go by!

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  • April 20, 2010 - 4:12 am

    Marlene Shirley - After a trip like that, I would be saying with you, “turn the plane around!” I’m so glad you all had such a “glorious” week! I’m envious. Thanks for sharing with us via your blog. Love, Aunt MarleneReplyCancel

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