It’s Time to Can Cannes

Cannes, France:

We’re back in Cannes. Woke up feeling a little off. About 10 am we both took off in the tender to go for a walk looking for lampshades. It was getting hot. Walked through the vegetable/flower market, walked in and out of several shops that looked like they could have lampshades but no luck.  I can guarantee you that we were the only people on the ship looking for French lampshades in Cannes.

Walked down to the water just the other side of the Cannes Film Festival building to check out the white conical temporary retail stores on the water which we had been told the other day were antique dealers. Unfortunately, they weren’t operating on Friday…they were just empty shells.  Ugh!  It was hot and now we had to walk back to where we just were.

We saw there was nother market a few blocks away so we doubled back and went through a flea market type of market that also had a smaller vegetable, flower and fish market. Found a shop that actually had some lampshades but they were made in India and probably not the right size. But, at least we had found some.

Had lunch at a nice café where we found another waiter (cute and young guy) that spoke very good English. We could get spoiled with this! With lunch we had a nice bottle of Provence Rosé.   Walked back along the harbor, past the Film Festival buildings and then a few long blocks further to the harbor and the tender. Unfortunately, a couple tour busses had just come back so the tender was already full and another 100 or so people were lined up. It was hot and we were already sweaty. After about 20 minutes we got loaded onto fully packed tender and, after we had gone the 15 minutes back to the ship we had to wait another 20 minutes for the tender in front of us to unload and load. Ugh!

We made it back to our room, took showers, hung out for a bit and then got dressed for dinner at Compass Rose at 8:00 pm. At that point both of us didn’t feel very well but we stayed for dinner anyway. Nothing tasted good and we had both lost our appetite so we left after about 20 minutes and went back to the room. The rest of the night went downhill and let’s just say, it didn’t end well. Both of us had the same symptoms and we were up quite a few times during the night taking care of things.  Hopefully, things will improve by morning.

I thought I took more pictures as we walked around but I guess I didn’t.  This is all I got.


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