A Trip to the Back Streets of St. Tropez

St. Tropez, Afternoon

St.  Tropez is a lovely city once you get off the horseshoe walk around the port which has many artists showing their paintings right on the waterfront and a number of family commercial shops and restaurants on the other side of the cobblestone road.  It is behind all that where St. Tropez really shines with very nice shops (clothing, antiques, art galleries) and restaurants with patio seating.  The food looked incredible with most having moulles, sardines and calimari that looked lovely.  I resisted since I was going to have dinner on the ship although I did stop by what looked like a trendy waterfront cafe and had a cappuccino.

What I haven’t said yet is that each of the hilltop villages required walking up fairly steep hills so I figured that I’d continue that by walking to the highest point in the city to the citadel.  After going the wrong way and having to walk around the entire hilltop redoubt I snuck in the back entrance to the castle at the top.

There was an incredible museum that was built into the tower area.  They took you on a circuitous route through at least 3 stories and it was very, very well done with multi-media exhibits about the history of the area, including famous battles and shipwrecks.  I didn’t have time to really take it all in as it was already 5:00 pm but what I did take in was the incredible panoramic views of the coastline from high above the city.  You could really see the azure color of Azure Coast from there.

Back on the ship Margaret was still in bed and not feeling well.  We had been given a Prime 7 steakhouse reservation for that night but I went down and cancelled it.  We were given a time for the Rome day with a sharing table (not Margaret’s cup of tea) but we’ll figure it out at the time.  I picked up a Compass Rose menu and we ordered from that menu and had a nice dinner in the room.  After watching a Johnny Dep movie (that was very strange) we made it an early evening, hoping that Margaret would be back on her feet tomorrow morning.


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