Margaret Perks up in Portofino

Portofino, Italy – Late Afternoon

When I last left off I was ready to catch the ferry at Santa Margarita. The 15 minute ferry ride brought us back to the little port(ofino) and I was very excited to see that Margaret had made it! She’s finally off the ship! This is exciting. We had a hotel in Redondo Beach called Portofino and we had martinis there often. We also had a lot of our friends stay there for our wedding 11 years ago. Fun to see the real thing together!

We walked around exploring the horseshoe dock area. She had already explored further in town and done some shopping so we picked a nice cafe and ordered a nice bottle of Rose and a charcuterie plate. It was yummy (see picture) and we had a very nice relaxing time for an hour. A huge inflatable dinghy came up with the owner of one of the big yachts anchored off-shore and two of his crew. They sat next to us and we enjoyed hearing them talk of their exploits. The amazing thing was that the owner was driving his own dinghy.

The rest of the night consisted of taking a shower, meeting our new friends Matt and Amy (who were honeymooners we met on our first excursion to Provence), at the Observation Lounge. We all had with Pink Flowers while we watched the sun heading lower and then had dinner with them at Compass Rose. Good times.

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